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Arkhan the cruel stats avernus

arkhan the cruel stats avernus

The brand new adventure from Wizards of the Coast, Descent into Avernusis more than just a journey into the first level of the Nine Hells. The cover features a gorgeous piece of art showing Zariel, the archduke of Avernus reaching for her sword, by Tyler Jacobson. It shows you everything you need to know about the adventure, with the clouds above in the image of Bhaal, the fiends swarming around the desolate landscape below, and her henchman, Haruman chasing after her.

The alternative is even more gorgeous, a deep red on black, with shimmery silver highlights. The back of the book contains a double-sided map which is scored and needs to be carefully removed. On one side, you have a map of Avernus which is beautifully evocative, showing the River Styx cutting its way through the wasteland. The other side of the map features the city of Elturel, which has been pulled down into Avernus. The map is even more gorgeous than the Avernus map, in my opinion, depicting the city split down the middle and floating in the air, chained to a series of columns.

Flames lick the outside edges of it and you can feel the palpable fear the citizens of the city must have after being so terrifyingly cast into Hell. The adventure makes up about half of the book.

arkhan the cruel stats avernus

As I said before, the city of Elturel has been pulled into Avernus, the first level of the Nine Hells. A sinister conspiracy has infested the city, which the players will need to unwind. This will lead them to Candlekeep where they will find a way to make it into Avernus. Pretty epic. When the players arrive in Elturel, they find the city under assault by devils who are roaming the streets and capturing civilians. They are gathering up conscripts for their latest war against the demons.

The city floats directly over the River Styx, and the whole city shudders as it slowly descends to the surface of the plane. The adventurers will struggle to escape the siege on the city as they head out into the deserts of Avernus to find a way to return the city to Faerun.

Here, the book explains the mechanical and narrative changes to Avernus, including the Styx, alterations to magic, demon ichor, flesh warping, and optional rules such as death saves, exhaustion, and evil. If you fail a death save in the Nine Hells, an archdevil can offer to keep the player alive by causing their next roll to be a If they do so, they are now beholden to the archdevil, who makes a deal wit hate player in exchange for their life.

It provides the players with a choice. There are so many different archdevils and demon lords your players will find it nearly impossible to face even at 20th level, so they are mostly there to provide menace and demand things of the PCs. The adventure is rich with enough to power multiple campaigns across Avernus. The players can attempt to actual redeem Zariel, freeing her from her damned fate, before escaping back to the material plane.

The adventure is very sandboxy, providing a ton of encounters across Avernus that many groups may never encounter. The adventure provides tips and tricks for roleplaying devils, and explains what life is like in the Nine Hells. In addition, if characters attempt to actually map Avernus, due to its unnatural features, you can actually go mad.

Your best bet is to just start wandering in what you think is the right direction and hope you get there.In battle, Arkhan carried the magical axe Fane-Eater and carried a dragonscale shield. He also owned the Wreath of the Prisman amulet that granted him control over a vicious manticore called Chango.

arkhan the cruel stats avernus

After a brief visit to the world of ExandriaArkhan replaced his left hand with a legendary artifact known as the Hand of Vecnawith the intention of using its power to free Tiamat from her prison in Avernus.

By the Year of Twelve Warnings, DR[note 1] Arkhan, having taken residence in a tower located near a monument dedicated to Tiamat in Avernus, had yet to succeed in his endeavor. Prolonged possession of the Hand of Vecna was slowly causing his left side to become corrupted, a process that could only be slowed down by sacrificing the life of good creatures.

Arkhan is based on a character in the streamed campaign Force Grey. Disclaimer: The views expressed in the following links do not necessarily represent the views of the editors of this wiki, nor does any lore presented necessarily adhere to established canon. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. From Idle Champions. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. Codename Entertainment. Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus. Wizards of the Coastp. Retrieved on Categories :. Cancel Save.

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D&D Collector's Series: Descent Into Avernus - Arkhan the Cruel & The Dark Order

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Prev 1 … Go to page. Go to page. First Prev 7 of 13 Go to page. Xenonnonex said:. Inspiration has just struck me.He is played by Joe Manganiello. Fan art of Arkhanby Joma Cueto.

Around his neck he wears a loop of golden thorns inset with dozens of gems, representing each of the chromatic dragon colors. It is an exalted legendary magical artifact called The Wreath of the Prism and grants him control over powerful beasts and monstrosities. His holy symbol is an amulet adorned with the five-headed dragon sigil of Tiamat built into the chest plate of his heavy armor.

This same symbol is emblazoned on the front of his magic [ citation needed ] shield. He wears a suit of jagged, spiked, obsidian-metal plate armor with green dragon scales embedded throughout the main plates. He carries a magical battleaxe carved from deep cerulean sapphire and adorned with numerous runic sigils called Fane-Eater. Arkhan has a genuine faith and loyalty to his empress: the Scaled Tyrant. He views taking the Hand of Vecna as being not for personal gain but "altruistic".

Arkhan views the Lord of the Hells as a nefarious deity who has messed with the flow of the cosmos and time. He believes that by freeing the Scaled Tyrant, she would restore balance by destroying the universe that the Lord of the Hells has been manipulating. Arkhan is a seasoned adventurer, and he works well in groups as evidenced by his past adventures with the various members of Vox Machina. In Avernus, he is a highly charismatic leader of an entire army of dragons, dragon-worshipers, and undead.

Even some Warlocks have taken Arkhan as their Otherworldly Patron. Arkhan was a former hired killer who was imprisoned and nearly beaten to death in an attempted forced conversion by a religious cult. Arkhan was able to break his chains and murder his captors, aided by visions and power granted to him by the five headed chromatic dragon goddess, Tiamat.

After receiving a vision from Tiamat, Arkhan set out to find the location of a mysterious cave. He was led to a monk named Duan [ spelling? Dupont Dupont activated the trap necessary to open the vault. While attempting to wrestle a gloomstalker to the ground, Arkhan stumbled into a building where Vox Machina were hiding.

Afterward, he and Vox Machina struck a deal. Arkhan then took a bit of revenge by animating Delilah's corpse into his own undead puppet. Inside the tower of EntropisArkhan encountered a reanimated Vander and successfully channeled the power of Tiamat to use Control Undead on his former companion.Arkhan the Blackknown now and forever as the Liche Kingwas the first and most loyal of Nagash's followers.

Arkhan was born in Khemri during the reign of King Khetep. In his youth, he was known as a rake that spent most of his time in the temple of Asaphmainly because his low nobility status left him no real opportunities for power.

Nagash made Arkhan his grand vizier after he crowned himself king of Khemri. When Bhagar and Ka-Sabar rose in revolt, Arkhan was sent to punish them. Arkhan sacked Bhagar and used the reanimated population to construct a large tower in the west of Nehekhara to watch over future rebellions.

It is said that Arkhan died during the final siege of Khemri. One account tells that he held the armies of the seven kings at bay to allow his master to escape and that he was killed by a throwing spear after standing on a pyramid of corpses. Arkhan stared in horror at the shaft protruding from his chest, knowing that it had pierced his heart. With his dying breath, he threatened that a terrible curse would befall any who touched his corpse, and with that, he slumped to the ground.

Within seconds, dark flames had consumed Arkhan's flesh leaving behind only a blackened skeleton. He was the only one honoured this way. Yet another account claims that Arkhan had planned treachery against his master, having been stripped of the right to bear weapons for having been defeated during the Siege of Qatar. Conspiring with the kings of Lahmia and Zandri to be granted their armies in exchange for the receipt of the Elixir of Life, he was betrayed and taken to Lahmia.

It was Lamashizzar's sister, Neferatawho took pity on him and offered him short respites from his drugged stupor in exchange for exclusive tutorship in necromancy. When it first appeared that his efforts were in vain, he instead decided to avenge his benefactor by killing Lamashizzar and then levelling Lahmia.

Nagash raised Arkhan back to life after he had amassed enough strength in Nagashizzar[7a] and had been contacted by the vampires that had survived Lahmias fall. As a representative of Nagash, the vampires were forced to obey his commands as if they were from Nagash himself.

When Nagash was reborn again, Arkhan accompanied him back to Nagashizzar. Arkhan travelled to the Silver Pinnaclewhere he was rebuffed by Neferata.

Dwarven Forge

Eventually, after Nagash had been destroyed by SigmarArkhan returned to Nehekhara in ICcarving out a realm on the edges of the domains of other Tomb Kings. The King of Kings demanded nothing less than total obedience from all who lived near the Land of the Dead and clashed numerous times with him.

These feuds ended with Arkhan feigning obedience and Settra retreating back to Khemri.

For this purpose, the Liche King has travelled the world to acquire artefacts of the Great Necromancer. He acquired the first artefact when he allied with High Queen Khalida of Lybaras to destroy the ancient vampire Mandregan. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus is a page campaign book that will take players from level 1 to level It starts in the city of Baldur's Gate "as it slowly succumbs to the sway of corrupt powers and evil gods".

Players will also have the option of wading into the Blood War. I like to think of it as A Tale of Two Cities. One city has fallen under the sway of hell, the other is in danger of suffering the same fate unless you step in and do something about it.

You come upon these great forces colliding and you see the carnage going on. It would take a brave party of adventurers to want to step foot [ sic ] into that, but they can. Or are we just throwing ourselves into needless danger?

Hand and Eye of Vecna

It sets up really interesting conversation for the table. Joe Manganielloin an interview, discussed how his character Arkhan the Cruel seen on web shows like Critical Role and Force Grey fits into the book.

Manganiello told ComicBook. Mindbender type,' Manganiello said. I hate it when it's used to describe my characters because I just think there are different characters coming at life from different angles.

A lot of people accused Arkhan of stealing the Hand of Vecna as some sort of power grab. But it wasn't, it was a completely altruistic gesture of a high level paladin putting his god before his own well-being. He handcuffed himself to this artifact that will destroy him, that will corrupt his mind and his body in order to try to unlock the secret to freeing Tiamat from Avernus'".

Kunzelman, for Pastewrote that the book "is, in a word, good" and that the book does well both when stripped down to parts and when it is a contained narrative. Kunzelman highlighted that the book introduces players "slowly into the weirdness of this world, gives them a lot of options and factions to play with in hell, and then puts them as important agents in a plot to save or damn a city, a ruler, and even themselves.

A special campaign led by Deborah Ann Woll of Punisher fame that also featured Matthew Lillard Scooby Doo and Janina Gavankar Arrow kicked off the celebration on stream and created even more anticipation for the descent into hell that will characterize the next massive Dungeons and Dragons adventure, which will be held within a page book full of details to ensure players have as much fun as possible.

The new Dungeons and Dragons adventure feels like a big deal, more than they have in the past — the infusion of celebrities being part of the reveal festivities, and popular culture embracing roleplaying in a way it hasn't previously, have made these sorts of reveals much more electric". Eric Francisco, for Inversewrote that "one of the biggest features in Descent Into Avernus is vehicular combat.

Spinning off from the ship mechanics introduced in Ghosts of SaltmarshDescent Into Avernus features thundering nightmares, 'Infernal War Machines' that really sell what kind of wasteland players will find themselves in the new campaign. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved IGN Nordic. Bleeding Cool.The Hand of Vecna is a withered, blackened, mummified human hand. It is usually described as a left hand, with long, claw-like nails.

It is cold to the touch.

Sofia Vergara Reveals Joe Manganiello's Dungeon and Dragons Obsession

The Eye of Vecna is a preserved human eye, variously encountered as a bloodshot human eye, or a hard, shrivelled red or black clump. When placed in an empty human eye socket, it becomes a golden eye with a slit pupil like that of a cat, and glows red or green in the darkness.

In all cases, the Hand and Eye must replace a missing hand or eye, whereupon it immediately binds to the user and becomes a functioning body part. Removing them afterward is difficult or impossible, and usually involves the wielder's death. The Hand and Eye of Vecna have appeared several times over the centuries, and the powers they see fit to grant each bearer vary considerably.

The Eye grants its user superior sight, including the ability to see through illusions, see through solid objects, see in complete darkness, and even see their own future. The Hand grants superhuman strength. Its deadly touch freezes creatures, and has the even greater power to instantly slay a creature or drain its life force with necromancy. By means of various hand gestures, its user can cast a variety of deadly arcane spells.

Possessing both artifacts has been achieved by perhaps no more than two or three individuals in all of history, so their full array of powers in combination are barely known. These individuals displayed additional powers including the ability to detect magic, resist magic, and summon powerful fiends. Vecna's cult dedicate considerable time and energy into finding them. Those who possess one of his relics have been shown to be immune to Vecna's divine power.

The Hand and Eye of Vecna possess a terrible curse.

arkhan the cruel stats avernus

Gradually, they turn the user toward evil. Over time, the user begins to exhibit Vecna's personality, and many possessors began to believe that they were Vecna himself. Some believe the spirit of Vecna possesses the wielders of his relics, but it is certain that over time it corrupts them completely.

Like many powerful artifacts, others who see the Hand or Eye begin to covet it, making them risky to possess. The Eye of Vecna also shows its bearer terrible visions. Possessing both artifacts corrupts the wielder to an even greater extent.

Rumoured ways to destroy the Eye include roasting in the flames of the oldest red dragon in Oerth [3]encasing it in the volcanic glass of the Hellfurnaces and shattering it against the edge of space, [4] or wearing the eye and hurling oneself into the Rift of Pyradon [5]. It is said that the Hand can be destroyed by having one who has never experienced fear carry it to the Positive Material Plane and manually crush it into powder, [3] willingly fixing it to the purest person in the Free City of Greyhawkfixing it to most corrupt person in the Free City of Greyhawk[3] severing it with a sword of a dead god, [5] or having it digested by the tarrasque [6].

Rumoured ways to destroy both at once include casting them into the Golden Forge at the heart of Oerth 's sun, [3] permanently destroying Vecna himself, [7] sending the spirit of all of Vecna's victims to rest, [7] or having both worn by the the purest person in Blackmoor[8] or if a creature wielding both artifacts is slain by the Sword of Kas.

While the Hand and Eye are undoubtably the most potent of Vecna's relics, other mummified parts of his body or possessions exist, including his other eye and several fingers of his right hand. Most of Vecna's original body is long lost, but surviving parts with magical efficacy include the scalp of Vecnafirst digit of Vecnasecond digit of Vecnathird Digit of Vecnalast digit of Vecnaright eye of Vecnamolar of Vecnaincisors of Vecnafoot of Vecnaheart of Vecnaand skin of Vecna.

The bracers of Vecna are a pair of cursed arm bracers crafted by Vecna himself. A false head of Vecna was constructed and once held by cult the Vecna. It resulted in the deaths of numerous adventurers.

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